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You will find one page dedicated individually to all the ICOs. We will keep updating these individual ICO pages as and when new data related to the ICO is made available. Also, on these pages you will find links to the ICO’s website, whitepaper and also links to their Social Network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Slack, Github, Youtube and many more. Please note that, whenever you use the these links from our website and join their Social accounts, please check and cross verify that you have joined the correct Official respective Social Account and NOT a Scammer’s account. If you do find any Fraudulent or Scammer links present on our website, please report to us immediately through any of our Social Media links or through our Contact form. We will take action immediately and change the URL to correct respective Official Social Account of the ICO.

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We are a small group of Crypto Currency Enthusiasts who have developed this system where we calculate the average score of each Upcoming ICO based on the ratings and score provided by famous ICO Websites and Crypto Influencers. Please note that we are currently in an experimental phase and use the info on our website at your own discretion.

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