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Important NOTE:
There is some confusion about the locking period for Perlin's Seed, Strategic and Private sale investors. Some reports suggests that there is no lock for anyone and Seed investors have got tokens at very cheap rate which is less than 6 times the cost of per token for the upcoming crowdsale. And, some reports say the Seed investor tokens are locked for 12 months. For now, we are unable to verify which one is true. Please contact Perlin's official channels to find out info on this. Looks like Seed Token cost was $0.04 per token and the Crowdsale token cost will be $0.25 per token.

Perlin is a directed-acyclic-graph (DAG) based distributed ledger bootstrapping on top of the Avalanche consensus protocol, a Byzantine fault tolerant protocol built on a metastable mechanism to achieve high throughput and scalability. Natively, Perlin is armed with a decentralized compute layer, supplying it with a high-throughput engine that horizontally scales parallel computations.

  • ICO Date: TBA
  • Token type: Own wallet
  • Hardcap: Not Set
  • ICO Price: Not Set
  • Total Supply: TBA